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Sorry, but for all those of you who asked questions in the past few months, the Ask Bob/Fan Mail form was silently erroring, so we weren’t able to tell there was a problem until we realized we hadn’t gotten any in for a while!

It’s back up and operational now, so feel free to leave a fan mail or question!

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New CD in 07!

Hey everybody,

Sorry about the downtime of the Dot Net site and for the delay in updates.  I’ll be posting some new Ask Bobs and fanmails soon, but as far as the new CD is concerned, we’re working on it and we’re already in the recording process.  We’re looking at an early 07 release if everything goes well so stay tuned to the sites!


Ask Bob – 6/10/06

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Nick asks: “Hey bob this is a huge fan of yours. I was wondering if you are making a new cd and if you are when do you think it will hit stores because your music is amazing!”

Thanks Nick! We’ve been working hard on the new album and we’re just starting to come out of the studio with some fresh new tracks. I’ll be posting the tracks to the site as they get finished up (starting in the next couple of weeks) and it gets closer to album release time, and I’ll release the last few right around the time the album comes out. You’ll be able to get the new CD in all the same places you can get the others.

Tyler asks: “Will you ever post the lyrics to SDKFTWMY? Or will you just let everyone figure out the lyrics themselves?”

I would, but I can’t seem to make them out myself.

charlotte jackson asks: “may i have sex with you?”

Okay, but only because you asked so nicely.

chuck norris asks: “are you still running the website, i havent seen much new stuff =(“

You bet. In the next coming months I promsie to keep up on the site more as we gear up to start releasing some tracks from the new album!

Desiree asks: “Hi, I´m a girl from Sweden, And I will have fotos on you! Can you fix that?”


Colt asks: “lol awsome songs man. “ever other time” is so freaken awsome. i was wondering if u could do sumthing thats like “1985″ by Bowling For Soup. lol that would be sweet. cya later”


Hmm… foreshadowing? Or sarcasm. Dun dun dun…

Ian  asks: “Hi Bob. I was wondering if Puddle Of Mudd actually played with you when you recorded She Blocked Me, or if your band exactly  played  the same way as puddle of mudd.”

That was my very talanted band behind me on that track, just like all my others. Wait till you see how good they all sound on the new CD we’re working on.

Lisa  asks: “How do u think of those AWESOME songs?? Where do u get ur ideas from?? Im starting a band and ive got problems writing my songs because they all sound like sh*t!!! can u help me!!???”

Stop recording in the bathroom.

Jean-Michel QUEBEC asks: “Hey Bob, i wanted you to know that you are popular in Québec!. She Blocked Me is #2 in a top 10 radio station!!! Man did you know that?!”

Go me!

Jeffrey asks: “Hey, Bob. I was wondering, how did people react to you doing comedy music, especially when comedy music is not the “norm” in music these days.”

I find that people react to my music very positively in most cases. Most people know how to laugh, so I think it hits a lot of people who aren’t even particularly interested in the type of music I play, which also varies, so it’s possible that they might like some songs over others, but if they can’t enjoy the music they can enjoy the humor or vice versa. The biggest problem I’ve had is that record labels seem to think that comedy music is unmarketable, but if they checked my CD and EP sales reports, I think they’d be kicking themselves. Luckily for me, since my album sells well independently it leaves me enough money and time to keep on writing and releasing new material.

Steven asks: “I was wondering if you played any MMORPGs(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Dark Age of Camalot, etc? In either case, what are your favorite video games? And in case you are wondering, no I don’t have anything better to do right now then be curious about someones video game interests, but I am a fan of your work. I listened to you before, a while ago, when you selling 1 album, and songs were listenable right off your own web page, and I sent you an Email asking why you weren’t famous yet.”

I play World of Warcraft on the Arthas server. Come say hi.

Elliot  asks: “Sorry, i sent the last-forget it but you’re great at singing, my question is… did you know your band before you started it?”

No, actually I heard the Bob Ricci Band was looking for a lead singer, so I decided to try out. I’m still not sure to this day whether they picked me because they liked me better or because Kid Rock was the only other person to show up to the audition.

Shadow asks: “Hey can you send me an e-mail with step by step instuructions of how to program html web-sites if you can I would really be in debt to you because I am trying to my own page and my school’s web page but I can’t seem to find the step by step manuals.”

Sure I’ll get right on that. I was planning on recording the new album in the upcoming months, but I suppose I could drop everything and spend a few months authoring a book on HTML.

Adam, Dylan Lowe and Kenneth Charters asks: “Will you please dedicate a song to us? We think your songs are genius and your ryhming is class!! Keep up the good work and could you please give us a shout-out on your website, please? You Rock!!!”

Ok. I dedicate Pet Rock to you.

keith asks: “how did your career start.”

I’m not sure if it did yet.

Luke asks: “Uhm, is it just me, or is there a hidden message about male masturbation in ‘Whack-a-mole Jimmy’? Is it ‘sposed to be ovbvious, like am I just slow, (my mum pointed it out) or is it, hidden. Come to think of it, did you even know about it?”

What? What are you talking about? There’s no hidden messages in that song. That song is clearly about the good natured, clean, family-fun game; Whac-a-Mole. I’m not sure what your mom was reading into it. She must have a filthy mind.

Aubree  asks: “Okay, this isn’t a question but…. You’re name…. It’s so simpistic and sexy!”

Thanks! It’s also a palindrome. To my knowledge, the only other name that’s a palindrome is “Ana”, but that doesn’t count cause it’s an alternate spelling of “Anna”, making my name the king.

Loz asks: “Hey, I recently became a fan, and was reading the back pages of ‘Ask Bob’ when you stated that you had a pair of nail clippers that you used to remove your braces when you wereyoung. Did youreally have braces? That would be cool… all us unfortunate metal-mouths will finally have someone to loo up to…”

You bet I had braces. And you should have seen what the nail clipper looked like when I got through with them. Now about you reading that far back through the “Ask Bob” archives. You should probably seek some help about that.

Nate the Gate asks: “First of all I would like to say that u rock and are hilarious! I listen to your music online a lot, but I’m tired of doing that, so I started looking for your CD. I cannot find your CD’s anywhere. My parents don’t let me order stuff online, so do you know where I could find your CDs?”

Sure. You can grab one off of or you can get a digital copy at Just search my name on either site.

Fan Mails – 6/9/06

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Kodi says:  Hey Bob, I was wondering if you would ever consider coming to St.Stephen N.B. to play your songs. Because all most everybody that I know, knows who you are. You are the greatest parody song artist in the world. You rock. I love the song Every Other Time.

torey who wins says: heylo you! as a recent convert to your music, I would just like to say that i adore you and you are surprisingly good looking for a talented musician. anywho, not a question at allllll. but j’adore

Benj says: hi. i love she blocked me. you are a genius!

aubrey  says: Are you siging in the song she blocked me if so your really good and wow you have lots of talet ok well bye

curtain says: do you have a girlfriend? if you do, then i think she’s the luckiest girl in the world.

Melody says: Wow. I’ve never heard such great stuff. I especially like that, “Five for One” song. Are you working on any other parodies? If so, of what songs? I’d love to see some more of your work.

trina says: im sorry, i found you today, listened to your music, fell in love, read your “ask bob” and i am now wondering how fat is your ego? it must be huge, but i must say, not without justification, you are indeed hot, and have a cute voice.

KC J says: Dear bob…are you single? how old are you? can i rape you? does your mother like when you sing? can i rape you? i wanna be your stalker is that okay? can I rape you? AWNSER ME CAN I RAPE YOU????????

josh says: i love the *she blocked me* song its better than the she hates me by puddle of mud

Ebony the Peacian says: Hey Bob! I love your songs. We need more hilarious bands like you guys. Your music makes me crack up every time I hear it. Thanks for starting this band and this website. I truly have faith you will be famous someday. No doubt about it. ;)

Tori says: Bob you are gorgeous and hilarious…two qualities I love in a man. Are you single?

Chelsea says: I glady say that you know who this is. I wanted to show my love to all these people because you are truely amazing

Brandi says: Hi Bob, I love your  music and you don’t look bad your self!  Could I have the last 4 digits of your number?

Yohan says: Hey Bob i live in the uk and i love ur music there so funny

lindsay says: your amazing!!! Will you marry me????:D

Luke says: Hiya, a couple of things to say.  Number one, I only just heard about you today and already i’m loving your songs!!
Also, from reading all the previous “ask Bob a question” you get alot of people asking to come over to the U.K. (where i am now)… Do you think its possible to come over if i requested you everyday on the radio??

javi  says: ok i want u to be able to come to concert in my town tampa florida or the area so i just call in a radio station and they do the rest ? kill catz forfun is my s/n ur music is the best i now like u more then weird al lol ppl who dont like parodys should ignor them and stop posting crap on ur site but its funny reading ur reply on them! lol and i personaly think ur hilarious just by reading ur ask bobs.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ON UR NEW ALBUM !!!

hilary parker says: i love u i think yor gorgeous ….so……will u marry me

Jacob says: I know you probably get asked this alot Bob but how do you do it?!?!?!?!? All your music is awsome! Its really cool! But how do you do it?

“Hey, I love your music, it’s great and gives me a few laughs from time
to time :) Just wondering, if (more like when) you get a record deal,
do you think your music will still be avalible to stream free on the

nicole says: can u make a new song please can they are really good thank you?

Karlie says: Hey Bob! Will you ever come to st.catherines ont? I love your music and ur songs always make me laugh. So i was wondering if you could come to st.catherines for a small concert (st,catherines is in canada, if u dont know) okay.. take care :D

Nate the Gate says: First of all I would like to say that u rock and are hilarious! I listen to your music online a lot, but I’m tired of doing that, so I started looking for your CD. I cannot find your CD’s anywhere. My parents don’t let me order stuff online, so do you know where I could find your CDs?

Jeff says: Hey Bob, this is more of a comment rather than a question.  I just wanna say that i really enjoy your music (lol, as if you didn’t have enough people tellin you that…) but I guess I wanna throw myself in the pile.  I love comedy myself and its hard for me to say something without throwin a joke in, and I think the songs you have are the funniest I’ve ever heard.  So that’s that….*light hits* Well, I guess I could ask you something…do you plan on coming to Los Angeles anytime soon?

lunty says: i love ur music specy international love song s it is puddle of mudd

sim says: hello bob.. i loved your musik!! its so DAMN funny.. why cant i download it so i can here it all the time!! plzz send me mrs. claus and she blocked me!! i loved thos songs!!

Rose says: Hey! I love your music. I’m just wondering if you will have any records out some time soon. I’d buy one!

the girl u wanna throw off a mountain! says: How come your music is sooooo cool!!!? U r a sexy beast!i just wanna f**k u till u die!!! Will u let me? pleeeeease!!! I luv ur songs soooo much too! My friend luvs you too, do u want a threesome?

Caro says: HEY!!! i love your music and i was wandering how you got the idea for “she fricken blocked me”?

Cassandra says: Bob! You are simply amazing. And gorgeous. And. Well. A bunch of other adjectives with positive meanings. I know you\’ve probably heard this before…but seriously. Will you take me to prom?

sumone says: hi bob love ya music its well i played ‘she frekin blocked’ thousands of times

Sarah says: Hi.   My name is Sarah and I am 12 years old..I love your site/Music, and you are so HOT!! Ok my ? is Will you write a song about Dogs having Worms? I thought it would be a great topic to wright about! Plz wright me back so I can tell all my Buds!  Thanks for reading my Letter..Love Ya Lots..Sarah

“gawd, ur band’s awsome!!!!! i LOVE the songs i’ve heard so far! i was cracking up sooo much when i heard the ‘Mrs. Claus’ one, that my parents had to ask if had too much sugar er sumptin! my favorites are, ‘She Frik’in Blocked Me,’ ‘Mrs. Claus’ (obviously,) ‘ Whiny, Slimy, Creepy,’ and ‘It Could Happen To U2′ they’re so unique! i mean, how’dja guys come out with these songs?! they’re FRIGG’N AWSOME, though! if ya guys come to houston…or, pearland; (a town close to houston),please drop a line! (or at least a shout-out…) lol.”

westside_bitch says: holy f*ck, u sang that? u hav a good voice:P, lmffo, are you single?:D :P lmffo

shantell says: hey sexy, ur music rox my sox:P!!
*will u marry me?*

aguywhohasnolife (campin_chris) says: Whats the odds of me being picked for fan mail? If this somehow DOES get on the site, will you ever go on tour? If so, go to Crystal River Florida and i’ll give you a cookie. :P

amber says: will you marry me


Elliot says: Me and my friend were wondering how do you make your own cartoon? On microsoft paint?And we think your music is Great! it’s really funny!

trevor says: how whould one get in touch with you because i want to thank you i use to hate music and mostly everything until i heard you i owe you a ton how do you think of songs like that?

Matt says: Well, I love the song she blocked me, and I was wondering, if it’s possible to get the properties of the song so I can put on my Myspace, if it’s possible of course

Aubree  says: Okay, this isn’t a question but…. You’re name…. It’s so simpistic and sexy!

lee says: hey, man ur great, btw thank and samb because they led me 2 you, oh btw im an australian Come down under, neways hopefully ull get a massive break, and ull be bigger than weird al dun de dun!!


Mark Donoghue says: Dear Bob
I really like your songs Mrs.Claus and Dr.Phil

akazbz says: OMFG! When r u planning to release a new song?? I can’t wait they r cool!

A.J. and Ferrity says: I LOVE  YOU! and Ferrity hates you, because his girl friend like you and thinks you\’re sexy and wants to have it with you.

Justin Swinehart…a HUGE fan. says: where do u come up with the ideas for ure songs. they are the best. i found ure site while i was at listening to parodies and i saw mrs. claus. i listened to it and it was so funny i had to tell all my friends how to find it. i clicked on the link to go to ure site and was entered into a parody parodise! i love ure music man. its the greatest. get back to me on this. P.S. my favorite song of ures is mrs. clause even to this day. thanx 4 the laughs!!!!   :)

Blake says: do u actually write these emails to everyone?……..but anyway how do u make these heaps good songs? i havn’t heard one bad song!!!

Adam, Dylan Lowe and Kenneth Charters says: Will you please dedicate a song to us? We think your songs are genius and your ryhming is class!! Keep up the good work and could you please give us a shout-out on your website, please? You Rock!!!

Eric says: Hey Bob, is Carla single? and if so is she by chance attracted to short slightly off midwestern guys? If she is would u give her my email? And um…Oh yeah,you’re music rules too!

ROBYN says: hi how old r u and i love ur songs

Tyler says: hey bob i wanted to ask you how you think of lyrics 4 your songs cause there really good my favorite is she blocked me im a big fan well hope you wright back smell ya later

Tyler says: LOL OMG haha im listing to ms clause wow this is some good crap-i mean stuff lol im only kidding hey do u have AIM we should talk some time

Tim says: i like your music

mike mcmenamin says: me and my girlfriend are your biggest fans we have reccomended you on every radio station we know

Tyler says: Hey bob its me Tyler i just wanted to say to things 1st i love your songs in fact im gonna buy the not a christmas album cd. The second thing is is i was wondering if u could put lyrics 4 all ur songs i mean hey you godda love that Dr.Phil song

Charlotte Ball says: When will you be doing a gig in England? I would really like to see you live so please say if you are doing one! Thanks!

Blake says: Hey bob!! your awsome, u hav a really creative mind, im trying to do the same thing aswell but of coarse im not as good as u of making up songs….would u make ur lyrics up then choose the song to fit it or would u choose a song then try to put different lyrics in??? cuz i find wat u do is really hard and u make it look so easy, im like ur biggest fan, u rock and dont stop using that creaticve mind

Mia says: Hey Bob! I’ve been listening to your music for forever and I love it. You even inspire me to make up my own parodies (Cellulite instead of 3 Door’s Down’s Kryptonite! If you want the lyrics let me know because I’ll never finish writing it or sing it) Anyway, I’m from Jordan and that sort of makes you an international internet star, if your fanbase extends all the way to the Middle East. So my question is… Will you brag to your friends that you have adoring fans in Jordan? Your rock, can’t wait till you get a record deal.

hope says: hi Bob i love you’re song She Blocked Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phildalf says: I have been around in my time and heard a few great bands but this one is great so i thought since i have the chance i would ask you HOW IN THE NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY FOAMY CAN I GET MY BAND GOIN!!!!

“recently I got the alert email from to give a listen to your stuff and I must confess your music draws me in immediately with the mood. The lyrics are very engaging as well, delivered with skillful vocals. I also have a big appreciation for the dynamics going on here. Very admirable. Good production too. I’m lost in your music, I’m away to listen to it for the 4th time! Thank you for the best songs i\’ve heard on number one music for ages.”

Kallan says: I love your song “she blocked me” on’s so cool.I don’t think anybody could be that smart on the computer except well,me.But you must be good on the comp to think of all that

StonedLogic says: Hey Bob, Your music is awesome. But Im sure you get that alot.

Lilly says: Yo! You’re an awesome artist! I recently found your site and have showed all my friends. We all think you’re awesome, and *hopefully* I might be able to buy your CD for my birthday! Rock on dude!

Mattie Mills says: hey this isn’t really a Q. but i love your video She Blocked Me omfg its so true what happens. good luck on more videos!!!!

Becka says: I just wonder why you don’t put “Five for one” on sum of the record sites that you are using.. i just love your songs, and can’t find your records in any cd store.. so I can only listen to you through internet.. and now I can’t listen to my fave song.. :/

jenny says: Hey I love your songs!!!!! their awesome!!!!and funny*.* Hey where could i buy your CD???? You have the best songs ever!!! i love them sooooo much0.0

Animator_Kid says: Hey, Mrs. Claus is great.

Reagan Hart says: Hey Bob big fan of she blocked me :-) thats sum good stuff mate. anyway my question is, is that based on a true story or what? :-)

AC says: i was just wondering how the heck you come up with these lyrics?  I think they are freaking hilarious.  Reminds me of some songs my friend burned on a CD for me.  They are like “barbara ann”  except its  like “bomb iraq”  its hilarious, rather mean spirited, but still funny.  Her bro is in the military,a nd her sis is dating a marine.  I think that the songs rock out.  I was just wondering how you get the inspiration for these songs?  honestly, they seem so out of the bleu, that i cant beleive anyoen can come up with it.  Kinda just wondering.  LOL

Gavin from UK says: Hi there bob!  Absolutely love your stuff.  Five for one is soo clever, and makes me laugh because ive done stuff like that before myself on Sound Recorder (obviously more lo-tech than you) Just thought id say im not the kind of person that buys CDs every week (or month!) but im going to order yours from the website.

Lily says: Hi Bob! I love you! I especially love “She Freakin’ Blocked Me”. How did you come up with the song?

Levi Ippolito says: Sup Bob I recently became a fan a few months ago after I heared “She Freakin Bloced Me” now I love ur music especially “My Girlfriends Back”

Jennifer says: Hey!!! I love She blocked me!!! I see it has a lot of comments!!!If its not to much to ask, How much does an adagraphed cd cost from you? I would love to have one!!!

sara says: hello, bob, i barely discovered your site tonight and i think it rocks xD its really funny. keep up the great work so we can laugh every day ^^
ill try to spread the word about you to my friends xD

anthony says: i really like your video :> i really like its so funny are you going to make any more i hope you do see you later

Vivien says: Nice flash you got!! Love it so much.. Just want to ask you whether you can share the chords of that song with me?… Because I really love that song and you…

Jared says: Hey Bob I love your songs do you think you can write one about me plzz?

Gary says: What is your new album called and when can we expect it.

amanda says: is there a way to put “she frickin blocked me” video in myspace profile??

Ashlee says: Hey bob just wonderin I live in NY if u have any tours goin through wanna come f*** me?

Anonymous… or not.> Enate Kimachi says: Hello. I’m a fan of yours, and I was hoping you could tell me (And my brother, who is hiding somewhere in my room) how you come up with your crazy (good crazy. I love your songs) songs and lyrics…?

Squigg says: Hey. I just wanted to say I love your music

ryan says: bob your the best i love singing to ur songs

Vince  says: Hi Bob, first of all, great songs,I’ve been a big fan of yours ever since I bought your first album. I wasjust wondering if it was possible if I could have your autograph please? As I live in britain its fairly unlikely that I’ll ever have the chance to see you perform live, otherwise I would just say hi at one of your shows and ask for you autograph then. Anyway, I just thought I’d ask, so I shall say good bye for now, bye! Vince

Cynical Fish says: First- your music rocks. You are the best comic parodier since Tom Lehrer. You rock too

anonamous says: HI! im a huge fan and i was wondering where you got inspiration.

Levi says: hey Bob love ur music, very creative.

john says: hey bob love your music, am starting to play gitar and am gonna try to write and play just like u

Nich says: I was wondering if you’re ever gonna set any dates to tour the Uk coz I’d love to see you.

Riotgirl says: hey guyys :) i think you are awesome ;DD

Patrick Woschek says: Hi Bob my name is Patrick and I am from Germany. One day I was searching the web for some funny stuff and what I found was a page where a flash-movie named “she frickin’ blocked me” was to look at and I really liked it :o) . While searching for the singer I found you as the source of this great music. After that I continued listening to some  more sample-songs and I really loved them. I like music in the way you are doing, because there is not much of that(with such a good quality). My Problem is, that I am not able to get Cd’s and songs of you and I would really like to have your great music in my cd-libary at home. I hope you can help me!? So bye Bob, greetings from germany

Kilowatt per Hour says: hey Bob, i came across one of ur songs by accident, and now i’ve heard it for the like 12th freakin time today.

Amy says: dude i love this you rock, how do you mange to think them up?

Martin says: Hey Bob, your music is very great!

Steven says: Hi! I like all your songs! Please keep making them!

Tiffany says: Hey Robert, this is atchully a quiton, not even close, but ne ways, u rock! lol, thats all i have to say for now! bye

Marian says: I really like your song, but I don’t think you’ll come to holland… and I can only listen to your music on my computer

Marlon says: Ahhhhhhh I feel like a girl! Listening to your music! I dunno why but i’m frigging addicted to your songs. But how do you think up of these songs?

sexy sash says: hay bob how come you have such a good website and how do u make so many good songs

Jean-Michel QUEBEC says: Hey Bob, i wanted you to know that you are popular in Québec!. She Blocked Me is #2 in a top 10 radio station!!! Man did you know that?!

Jason Blackman (jaso321) says: Hey dude!!!! You rock! You should have worldwide numbers 1s! By the way when is your next song coming out

Nick says: Hey bob this is a huge fan of yours.I was wondering if you are making a new cd and if you are when do you think it will hit stores becauser your music is amazing!

Lisa  says: How do u think of those AWESOME songs?? Where do u get ur ideas from??

Pick me_Pick me says: Ok, first off i’d like to say, your songs are AWESOME!! Your cute n talented n stuff…but anyways my question is…If you had one wish, what would it be? <you better say me! j/k> Virginia LOVES YOU!!!

elliott misson says: how come i cant listen 2 the constepated song anymore it woz my favirote. and bobo ricci and the rest of the band are class!!!

Ben6989 says: I think your music is really good and I listen to them the songs available on the internet alot.  I plan on getting the CDs… whenever I get any money.  It sucks being a poor High School student.  In any case, moving on to my question, why exactly havn’t you been able to make a deal with a record company?  I mean, your music is great, both vocally and instrumentally, you have tons of fans, and it’s like you’d be the first parody artist.  Sorry if this is a duplicate question, I’ve seen some of the fan mail, but I don’t have the time or patience to sift through that mountain of mail.  Anyway, good luck in selling your new CD.  Maybe I’ll be able to get one for Christmas…

shane says: i am in to music and i think your amazing were do u get your ideas from and what you got for the future and were about do they selll your albums

Chloe and Katie says: howw do u think of such crazy and frickin awsome songs!!! Is mrs. claus the girl who blocked the dude. Are u single?!?!?=)Chloes is prettyer

rhys says: I love your music  but howd u come up with??

rhys says: u r such a bad ass singer how did you learn 2 sing like dat??

kikass says: kikass song that is ace so so ace

NoName says: Hey Bob! This isn’t really a question, but thanks! You have brought me and my entire year level enjoyment when we found your site! Thanks and keep up the good work!

Alex Newman says: Hey Bob, i live in AUSTRALIA!! I have seen weird al yankovic and you are just as good. I was wonderring if you did similar things 2 weird al like change costumes and characteristics for different songs. I am a new fan of your but i have allready listenned 2 every single one of you songs. PLEASE VISIT AUSTALIA-BRISBANE!!

Brande says: Is there any way i can put ur “She blocked me” video on ma msn space for ppl to view it? Its so hilarious. (And ppl stop hatin on him bc hes popular and u suck)

nick  says: You are F*cken PIMP MAN

Annie says: Hi Bob,Ilove your music I take it to work with me every night and listen on my player for 8hours.Im addicted to you.How can I get hold of your cds over here in the u.k.

cooper says: holy crap that she freakin blocked me is hurlarious and do you think you can send me all the lyrics for all the songs you do that would be great!!!! so freakin funny

Jack says: 5 for 1 is amazing i wanna play it at my funeral i mean wow u rock!!

GOOROO says: dude what is up ur music is so sweet how are u so damn funny i wish i could do stuff like that double diet And ode to playboy are my favs.

Kevin Milton says: Heya Bob! I LOVE your stuff!  You\’re songs are hilarious and still manage to be something I feel I can listen to when I\’m not even looking for something funny.  I was just wondering if there was a way to have you play a concert at my university.  That would be awesome and maybe you could get some new fans that way.  Keep up the good work!

Sara says: hey man i think your songs are amazing!

Rad says: Bob you rock dude….Anyone that says otherwise and im guna kick there A***  my faviroute song is 5 for one it is such a good song!!!

claire says: hiya. i luv ur stuff its amazin and makes me laugh. if only i was older i would so love to be with u! are u workin on more funny tunes!

suzanne says: hey buddy when are you going to make new songs they are so cool i love them i listent o them all the time

Soph says: Hi omg i love ur songs especially she frickin blocked me u have such a hot voice xxxx

smailliw says: ok, i loved she blocked me its so flippin funny my bff and i listen to it over again.

Ian MacLennan says: Hey there bob, love the site and the music, and was just wonderin what drives you to write such amazing songs

Me says: You ARE HILARIOUS!!! TY your are going places!

ali*cat says: ur soo buff n funni n probly way older than me but still ur buff

Henry Hawksworth says: Hi, I realy like your parody songs

alex_veith 1993 says: she blocked me rulez i play she hates me and she blocked me at the same time its sound cool if u get them playi at thr same time otherwise it sounds crappy

Carolyn says: When I heard Stacey\’s Mom, I thought it sucked. But when I heard Mrs Claus, I was totally hooked on it! You do great and have an awesome voice. Keep up the good work!

brett says: when will your cd\’s be coming out because this band rocks!!!!

Amber Kay says: Hiiiiiii BoB I LOVE all of your songs especialy dr.phil i cant belive that dude who is he   telling   us what 2 do?!!!!!

just_a_fan says: Hey bob, your songs rule man.

Aydan Watkins says: All I can say is “Weird Al, eat your heart out!” Bob Ricci you are a fantastic artist. I remember talking to you on an AIM not long ago. You\’re a great guy and you and your bands have alot of talent. I can\’t wait for the day when you guys can tour the world and come to the UK (Wales preferably lol). Well guys keep it up and look after yourselves alright?. Bye guys!

Jibril says: hi!^.^iam jibril and i want only say: i love your song she freakin blockt me XDDD iam your bigest fan XDDD show the world more about you^^

Katie says: Bob! I luv ur songs! they\’re so funny! haha! my friends and I were laughing our f**kin\’ asses off!

Marie says: oh my god^^
Never saw a “band” that rocked this much. Guys, I am from Germany and around here the clip “She Frikin\’ Blocked Me” has become a total hit. Do you also gives concerts? Where can we buy your albums?
Thank you for the great entertainment ;)

Sarah D. says: Hey!
I love your music, I listen to it constantly

Anonymus ( sorry ) says: How did u come up with these songs? They rock!!
lol, luv she frickin\’ blocked meh!!!

Gary says: wow i loved your blocked me song i play guitar and i love it could you plz send me the tabs for\”she blocked me”

linzi says: hey bob you are the best and i no u hear this ten thousand million kadillion timez but its tru.  U ROCK!

zach says: DUDE U FREAKING RULE!!!!!!!

Tiffany says: OH my gooooodness!! I just watched the internet love video. I have to tell you I was practically on the floor.

Ed Croteau says: Hi Bob,
I discovered your songs online for the first time on 03/25/06 and must compliment you on the AWESOME talent! I have downloaded several of your songs from iTunes and really enjoy them. They are hysterical and unlike parodies by other artists, your voice is great! You have quite a career awaiting you. Several well known performers are from RI and you can be added to that list. It has been almost one year since I moved to Florida and regret never hearing your songs nor having the opportunity to see you perform when I lived in RI. (Every Other Time is so true about Dunkin\’ Donuts. I have e-mailed this song to several friends and relatives in RI to introduce you to them). If I visit RI and you are performing, I will make every effort to attend your show. Thanks for the entertainment and keep up the fine work.

Tara says: I totally LOVE She Frickin Blocked Me, it\’s amazing, truly amazing!!!  I listen to it like everyday

G@b£ says: U truly r the best singer on earth

max says: hi bob just got on this website love ur music its exellent any way i read some of the other mail you got ur really nice you dont let fame get to ur head any way how long have u known that u can sing

max says: hi bob just got on the website exellant music love it

Link;s Girlfriend says: Heh, me and my friends all love you. ALL HAIL BOB!!! ^_^

Nicolien says: Hi Bob!
Just found your site, seriously LOVE your flash movies, the Santa one ise just bloody awesome!

tommy says: come to cincinatti for a show!

kique says: hi bob, i love your songs theyre awesome

Corey Campbell says: You rox my sox!

Donna Babel says: I love your stuff

HanTheFreak says: howdy bob, ive managed to get loadsa people at Rawlett in Tamworth England to start listenin to your music. You can hear the humming of your voice through many a headphone in our I.T. classes and i would like to thank you for your awesome music! You should come and play Tamworth some time. we have a bandstand and assembly rooms. im afraid it pretty much sucks here though, but im gonna lie and say its worth you coming to england to play just for the wonderful sights and sounds in Tamworth! good luck with a record deal- hope you get it so the HMV shelves will be lined with something useful. love ya loads – hannah the fREAK xxxx

kevin says: Wow man today is the first time i\’ve heard any of ur stuff. A friend had me come to this site and check it out and i had to listen to a bunch of them cause u kick ass man.

EMMA says: how started you on this crazy music..its awesome man..??

Sam says: I love your internet love song!! She frickin blocked me!! Its soooo funny!!

Austin Lee says: Dude, the song “She Blocked me” rocks!!

zepie says: sum of your songs are F*CKIN awsome man!

Jaymee C says: dude u rock! i also write parodys but they compare nothing to yours!

Kaytee says: heyya bob…i love yur music its minnt

Rheann Easson says: Just heard of yr stuff today, and I have to say I absolutely loved it! So effing funny! Yr an absolute legend mate!

tim  says: i lyk your music it is so cool and cometo sanfransico californa plzzzzzz

Cameron Ford says: Bob! I love your music and so does my friend, Paul!

Maurice N. says: Hey!
Your Songs are really great. Dr. Phil and Mrs. Clause are my favorite songs!

Danielle says: Hi well im Coreys little sister and you guyz rock

Chelsea says: I love your music u play on  ur  radio staions, and ur web page too.

GI Guy says: You are amazing!

Erin says: I FRIGGIN LOVE YOU GUYS!! Come play in Houston Tx.!! p.s. Joey is all kinds of ungodly freakin hotness!!

Anonymous says: My friend and i r addicted 2 ur singing!
The best song you have evr sung is: She blocked me.
I noe u might think its my opinion, but it\’s not.  I think that this is a fact.
We\’ve been singing \’She blocked me\’ for the past 6 months now.  Wow! 6 months!
You might think 6 months is a small amount of time. It\’s b/c i\’ve only known ur website a few days ago.  I\’m ritin\’ from Australia.  R U American? Love ur voice…

Amber says: Hey, you’re music is absolutely hysterical. It makes me laugh every time I hear it.

hannah says: i just discovered u and Im already in love w ur stuff. u rock

fabian says: i think … im a big fan of u xD your songs r really great! Fife for One ownz !